- Lipid biochemistry platform for analysis of lipids (phospholipids, ether-lipids, fatty acids, sterols) and lipoproteins and for the synthesis of reconstituted High DensityLipoproteins and ether-lipids.


- IC-SCAN technical facility for testing natural and synthetic chemical molecules modulating ion channels. This platform is designed to screen molecular candidates or classes of compounds for their ability to modulate ion channel activity (with both conventional and automated patch-clamp systems) and calcium signalling (Flexstation). Selected compounds are then tested for their ability to reduce cancer cell migration/invasiveness.


- Platforms for microscopy, genomic, metabolomic and cytometry analyses and animal facility (University).


- Platforms for pre-clinical in vivo studies (facilities, implementation of animal models, xenograft and syngenic grafts in immunodepressed or immunocompetent mice models and associated fluorescence and bioluminescence analyses, spontaneous mouse models (PyMT - MMTV) of mammary cancers, carcinogenesis model (NMU) of mammary cancer in rat, at the UMR1069 Tours, at the in vivo facility of Cancéropôle Grand Ouest in Nantes, or in collaboration with the CIPA, in Orléans).


- Pre-clinical in vitro studies (cell cycle, cell proliferation, cell death, drug toxicity…).

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